Financial statement audits are a normal part of operating a business. Maybe your bank requires regular audits for a loan or for new financing, or perhaps your investors or parent company may ask for one.


An external auditor’s job will be to make sure numbers are not materially misstated and verify that financial statements are prepared according to US GAAP.


The Rialto Group’s thorough experience in all aspects of financial accounting means we can help you get everything organized and checked in advance of the audit and troubleshoot problems if they should arise.


Your accounting department may not have the time and staffing required to handle all the extra work that’s needed, and they may lack the experience and expertise to do things right. An important piece of any audit is supplying the correct documentation, making sure documents are accurate, and submitting everything on time.


Failure to do these things may lead to the audit taking longer than anticipated, lots of rework, and unexpected cost overruns.

Rialto helps you avoid headaches by handling the extra workload and making sure everything is done properly.

How do you know if you need outside help preparing for and complying with a pending audit? These are some common reasons business owners and startups come to Rialto looking for help.


Staffing Shortfall: Audits can take up a lot of time, bandwidth and manpower your accounting department may not have to spare. We can step in to assist your team and pick up the slack or handle it all for you.


Unfamiliarity With The Process: Many businesses don’t know what is expected or know enough about the audit process to feel comfortable handling things on their own. The Rialto Group has years of experience with audits and the expertise to guide you through yours.


Messy Accounting: Businesses may not even notice how disorganized their books are until an audit is looming. If you’re worried about errors, compliance issues or difficult-to-parse books, The Rialto Group is here to help. We specialize in historical and cleanup accounting and can handle even the biggest jobs.

When you hire Rialto, you get a capable team that can oversee or handle all the interactions between your company and its external auditors.


We also work closely with your management team, walking them through all the processes and making sure they’re compliant. This helps ensure everything will run smoothly and doesn’t take longer than expected, resulting in charges from the third-party auditor.

We help:

  • Prepare you for your audit
  • Prepare schedules in the format auditors are looking for
  • Review the schedules before they get to auditors
  • Catch and fix errors before schedules and numbers are provided
  • Communicate properly with the auditing team
  • Provide supporting documentation when auditors request it

The Rialto Group will be your liaison to the third-party auditor throughout the whole process. We make things easier because we know what the auditors are looking for, how to communicate with them, and the right way to provide the documents they require.


The Rialto Group can do everything that’s needed on your end for your audit, including the day-to-day tasks, all communications and any error checking that may be needed.


Or, we can work with your accounting department to prepare and facilitate everything.


Either way, you and your team will have access to our audit expertise and guidance 24/7. That way, you can always get answers to your questions and have your problems solved right when they need to be.

The Rialto Group has worked as the external, third-party auditor hired to perform these types of audits, so we understand what your third-party auditor will be looking for.


Having been on both sides of the process means we are uniquely qualified to understand all the ins and outs of your financial statements audit.


We have lots of experience on the management side of working with auditors in our CFO, controller and accounting roles, as well.

We can eliminate costly time overruns by checking everything, providing documentation in an orderly fashion, and knowing what the auditors require.


Not understanding the process and how to work with the auditors efficiently can become expensive as a third-party audit drags on. You will usually be charged extra for audits not completed in the expected time frame due to delays on your end.

Having direct access to your system is the easiest way for us to do our work, but we can also liaise with your accounting team to get the information we need.


The Rialto Group is happy to comply with any access and security rules or standards your company may have in place.

The benefit of having The Rialto Group at your service is that you won’t outgrow our roster of services.

We offer tremendous value for startups that may struggle with accounting, finance and accounting, capital raising, HR, or IT functions as they evolve because we have years of experience managing successful mid-size and larger operations.

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