Every business begins with a plan and a set of goals. But not every business maintains that forward-looking vision. A strong business strategy based on clearly defined goals should dictate your business operations on every level. Does your business have one?


A cohesive strategy will define what you need to do to help your business grow, and an operational plan based on that strategy will implement those steps in an efficient and easy-to-follow way. Successful business strategies connect the company’s processes, workforce and finance and accounting functions to achieve greater value for the company.


The Rialto Group was built on the idea of bridging the gap between finance and accounting and operations so businesses can operate efficiently and grow.


The Rialto Group can help you work out finance and accounting strategies to meet goals such as:

  • Optimize profit margins
  • Increase production
  • Meet new sales goals
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase working capital through cash management
  • Grow revenue
  • Expand operations
  • Streamline finance and accounting functions
  • Measure and optimize performance using KPIs

Defining goals is the first and most important step in the process, and Rialto can help you work out objectives and create a strategic plan for implementation across the board.

We can also help you create your financial strategies for goals not usually associated directly with the finance and accounting arm, including things like new product growth and development, improved customer service, expansion into new markets and more.


Finance touches every aspect of your business and informs your possibilities, so a strong finance and accounting team is vital to the health of your company.


If your finance and accounting department isn’t prepared for this kind of strategic planning, that is where The Rialto Group can help.







Your operational teams are doing things to push your business forward every day, but they may not all be working in concert and they may not be focused on achieving your overarching goals.


Whether they are creating transactions, making sales, producing product, developing software or serving customers, they need to be working to reach a set of common goals.


And most importantly, they need to be connected with the finance and accounting team to ensure the health and agility of the company.


This is where The Rialto Group comes in, with the financial strategy and operations expertise you need to bridge that divide.


The Rialto Group’s experts have the experience to understand what your operational teams are doing and how it will impact the finance and accounting part of the company.


We can look at how changes in operations impact accounting and finance and accounting and how finance and accounting/accounting changes impact operations.


Our team will perform analyses, make suggestions, and develop plans for doing all of this better.

Rialto starts with in-depth analysis to get to the heart of the issues your company is trying to solve, and then tackles the problem from a people-process-technology standpoint.


Say your company has ambitious growth goals, but you don’t fully trust the numbers you’re seeing. You need a strategy and plan for how finance and accounting are going to keep up with growth.


The Rialto Group can come in, review your fundamentals and frame a plan for how finance and accounting will lead operations going forward.


We can anticipate scenarios like growth to x number of transactions, or an increased amount of complexity in specific areas as you expand operations.


How will the finance and accounting team need to adapt? Will you need more staffing, people with specialized knowledge? Is there a need for newer technologies to automate, increase efficiency and reduce errors?


The Rialto Group can map all of it out for you and build a plan that takes people, processes, and technology into account.


Our team can tell you when you will need new hires, new tech, what technology will grow with your company how much it will all cost, and how to finance and accounting it.


And we can help you implement those processes over the designated timeline to achieve your set of goals.

The Rialto Group team has:

  • Years of experience in business finance and accounting strategy and implementation
  • An understanding of how finance and accounting and operations intertwine
  • Ability to speak the language of both operations and finance and accounting

We know how to coordinate with your COO, how to talk to your head of sales, how to work with your existing finance and accounting team and how to communicate with the decision-makers on your management team.

The benefit of having The Rialto Group at your service is that you won’t outgrow our roster of services.

We offer tremendous value for startups that may struggle with accounting, finance and accounting, capital raising, HR, or IT functions as they evolve because we have years of experience managing successful mid-size and larger operations.

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Streamlining processes and eliminating inefficiencies is key to your company’s successful operation. Rialto can come in an analyze your existing processes, map out improvements and implement them on the ground. The process work we do for clients is an excellent example of how The Rialto Group becomes a partner in implementation and not just an outside advisor.


Mitigating risk and staying on top of security is integral to any successful business strategy. The Rialto Group can create company-wide risk management programs, implement information security best practices and even lead financial departments, from payroll to recruiting and the rest of HR.


From budgeting and forecasting to smart financial models for your next several years of growth, The Rialto Group can help you visualize your company’s future. Our advisors can help you make strategic decisions on growing the business, set pricing to stay competitive, and assess valuations and asset and business acquisitions.


As your business grows and opportunities appear on the horizon, you may need to raise new capital or navigate a merger, sale or acquisition. What you also need is a trusted partner who can provide a clear view of risk, someone who can assess the fundamentals and advise you on all your options. The Rialto Group can be that partner and walk you through every step of the process.


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