Kerry Wilkerson

Consultant of The Rialto Group

Kerry Wilkerson

Kerry Wilkerson

Accounting Advisory Consultant

Kerry’s intrinsic ability to problem solve, clearly and effectively communicate, and dedication to providing a superior quality of work allow her to bring distinctive perspectives to each engagement.


Kerry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Accountancy. She is a Certified Public Accountant that prides herself on being responsive and genuinely helping clients achieve their goals. Kerry began her career with a local company as a professional staffing recruiter focused on finance and accounting placements and quickly became a rising star. She won the Rookie of the Year award in her first year due to her commitment to building meaningful relationships with her clients. Her commitment to her clients went even further as she routinely helped with job marketing and sourcing strategies.


After leaving her professional staffing recruiter role, Kerry joined a not-for-profit organization. Her role as the lead accountant helped her develop a broad set of accounting skills that she leveraged in her next position at a local public accounting firm. She was responsible for overseeing a large portfolio of companies while providing advisory, tax, and audit services along the way. Her experience and trustworthiness led her to be selected as the leader to help facilitate the sale of one of the firm’s business units to another local public accounting firm.

Kerry is a board member of Vox Teen Communications (VOX ATL) whose mission is to lead a youth-voice movement where teens from diverse backgrounds create a stronger, more equitable community through leadership and uncensored self-expression. As part of the external committee, she helps the organization work towards the goal of amplifying teen voices through fundraising and marketing efforts.

With experience helping companies of all sizes solve people, processes, and technology issues, Kerry’s 16+ years of experience are of undoubted value to each engagement.

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