When To Hire An Outsourced Accountant For Help

Some small businesses simply outgrow the startup stage and realize their simple accounting software isn’t going to cut it for advanced financial planning. Or they realize they need something more sophisticated than a 13-week cash forecast as they continue to grow.

Established companies may have their own very capable accounting department but struggle with accurate modeling and forecasts. Or they may find their budgets just aren’t quite working to meet the company’s needs.

There are many reasons to seek outside expertise, chief among them that you need accurate and actionable advice for future growth and management decisions.


  1. Startups in need of planning, budgeting, and forecasting tools and processes.
  2. A need for better performance benchmarks for investors or parent companies.
  3. They require expert cash inflow/outflow analysis and flexible modeling.
  4. Changes in the economic landscape make budgeting and forecasting a challenge.
  5. A major change in business.
  6. Recurring cash flow problems.
  7. Planning for a one-time project or future expansion.

The Rialto Group can handle the financial statement preparation and analysis that’s necessary for proper budgeting and forecasting, too.

Our team can also come on to review your fundamentals and troubleshoot historical accounting before preparing the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements we will use for your budget and financial forecasts.

We also have executive operational expertise that lets us provide both financial and business advisory services. Meaning we can help you use your financial forecasts to develop a long-term financial strategy and make strategic upper-level management decisions.


Pricing Models And Strategy Advisement From The Rialto Group

Planning for the future is important, but none of it will matter if you don’t optimize your current strategies to ensure ongoing profitability.

That, of course, means managing cash flow, controlling costs, and a whole slew of other things that go into running a successful business.

It also means making sure your pricing strategy is keeping you competitive.

Don’t neglect your pricing strategy, because finding the most effective pricing strategy for your business can mean the difference between success and failure. Many companies neglect their pricing strategy and eventually lose their competitive edge as a result.

Moreover, optimized pricing can often increase profits more effectively than cutting costs.

Common Pricing Models:

  1. Cost-plus pricing
  2. Dynamic pricing
  3. Freemium pricing
  4. Premium pricing
  5. Project-based pricing
  6. Value-based pricing
  7. Bundle pricing

Depending on the industry and market, companies may also use competition-based pricing, high-low pricing, hourly pricing, skimming pricing, penetration pricing and psychological or geographic pricing strategies.

Rialto can help your company with any type of pricing model, examining the pros and cons of a freemium vs. premium pricing model, value-based pricing model, bundled or other pricing strategies to help you increase profitability and gain a competitive edge. Rialto will perform a pricing analysis, seeing how your current strategy stacks up against market demand and current conditions.

We can help identify the price elasticity of demand for your products and services and factor in product cost constraints as well as competitor pricing considerations.

Our team will help you determine the right price strategy for your market, one that helps you meet your revenue goals while ensuring customers come back to you time and again.

How Can You Help Our Business With Cash Forecasting?

We dig deep into the operational specifics and financials of your business and analyze the cash inflows and outflows. Our team can then build models granular enough to provide insight and forecast for the future.

Every business faces unique challenges, so cash flow forecasts need to be tailored to a company’s specific needs and monitored on an ongoing basis.

We prepare short-term cash forecasts and longer-term forecasts for asset and liability management. Our team can also help you identify potential shortfalls in advance and suggest cash management strategies to avoid disruptions.

My Financial Accounting Software Has Budgeting And Forecasting Functions, And I’ve Seen Some Online Tools That Offer The Same Thing. Is That Enough For My Needs?

Budgeting and forecasting in QuickBooks and other financial software products isn’t built for refined budgets and forecasts, and it doesn’t offer the functionality and flexibility most small businesses need.

These products can’t build in variables like changing economic conditions or factors specific to your industry or market, and they lack the ability to spot errors in the historical data they use for budgets and forecasting.

Many businesses who try this method quickly find the projections they get fall far short of their expectations.

What Are The Timelines On The Budgets And Forecasts You Prepare?

The standard budget we do for small businesses and startups is for the year, but we can prepare shorter-term or custom budgets according to your needs.

Our cash flow forecasts can be short-term or longer-term depending on what insights you are seeking, with the 13-week cash flow forecast being the norm for a near-term financial overview.

The timeframe for financial forecasts will be highly dependent on your business. They can be done on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis as required.

The Rialto Group builds its budget and forecasting processes and models so they can be used for whatever is needed and updated to reflect changing conditions as often as necessary.

How Can The Rialto Group Help My Company With Pricing Strategy?

The Rialto Group will take a look at a variety of factors and determine which pricing strategy best fits your goal. We consider factors like your industry, your competitors, and your buyers to determine an optimal pricing model for you.

The Rialto Group can also help you work on agile pricing strategies that change as your business grows. It’s just one facet part of the holistic approach our business advisory team takes to managing your business’ financial strategy.



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A.J. Dote