Why You Should Use a Staffing Agency for Your Next Small Business Finance Hire

You know you need new talent to make your finance and accounting department whole.

But how do you find the right people, and how do you keep the talent hunt from costing you valuable time and money?

Hire Smarter. Enlist the Help of an Atlanta Staffing Firm.

A lot of companies start by trying to DIY the candidate search process, and it’s easy to see why this might seem like a good idea at first.

You can post free job listings, search sites like Indeed, the list goes on. It certainly seems easy enough to manage on your own.

Unfortunately, though, the devil is in the details, and companies who do this can find themselves overwhelmed with what looks like choices, only to find that many of their prospective hires are unvetted, unqualified or just a bad fit for the organization.

And sifting through all those resumes can be a gargantuan task.

Add to that the ease of misrepresentation on many online job sites – most make it easy to just upload a resume and enter lots of “skills” and “experience” that isn’t checked – and you have a recipe for lots of wasted time and a very frustrating experience.

For finance and accounting jobs especially, knowing the job market and understanding the skills needed to succeed in a given position are crucial to finding a good hire and doing so in a cost-effective way.

Simply put, a finance and accounting staffing company like The Rialto Group is the best way for most small businesses to do this.

The Rialto Group has almost a decade of experience finding the right people for finance and accounting positions, and as finance and accounting professionals ourselves, we know what it takes to succeed in each position.

Here are six reasons you should consider utilizing the expertise of our professional finance and accounting staffing organization.

  1. Hiring a staffing partner is more cost-effective for small businesses.
  2. A finance and accounting staffing agency will help you attract better talent.
  3. Having a staffing agency on your side can help level the playing field.
  4. We give you access to a broad network of finance and accounting candidates.
  5. Our partnership can help you find great talent in the future.
  6. We can save you the cost of a bad hire.

Reason #1: Hiring a Staffing Partner is More Cost-Effective for Small Businesses

Most small businesses don’t have the extensive HR resources larger companies do.

And even if you have a small team in place, the search will probably take them away from other tasks that are far more urgent.

Between time spent posting listings, hours spent searching, answering emails, making calls, and handling follow ups and paperwork, the task can quickly become very time consuming.

A good finance and accounting staffing agency can save you all that time, money and stress and let your employees – or you – get back to the real work of running your company.

What staffing partners, and specifically those who specialize in finance and accounting hires, can give you is a shortcut to whittling down the list and an expert eye in vetting candidates.

That way, all you have to do is decide between a small and carefully chosen pool of talent.


Reason #2: A Finance and Accounting Staffing Agency Will Help You Attract Better Talent

Skilled finance and accounting talent is always in demand, and it is often hard to find.

That is even more the case today, now that everyone seems to be hiring.

Smaller companies are competing against a sea of other companies for talent, many of whom are larger and have more hiring resources, so finding and attracting good talent can be quite difficult.


Reason #3: Having a staffing agency on your side can help level the playing field. How?

For one thing, staffing companies like The Rialto Group work with small, mid-size and larger companies, so we always attract a diverse pool of highly qualified finance and accounting professionals.

Secondly, our reputation as a good partner to both candidates and companies attracts the best of the best when it comes to talent in the financial field.

And finally, our finance and accounting expertise means we can tell who has real talent, skills and experience and which candidates are simply hoping they will have the right stuff once they get hired.


Reason #4: We Give You Access to a Broad Network of Finance and Accounting Candidates

Because we focus solely on finance and accounting staffing, we are able to build and maintain a robust network of professionals.

And as finance and accounting professionals ourselves, we are always keeping an eye out for great new talent and cultivating our industry connections all the time.

That means we have a strong network of great talent at the ready, including some who might not even be actively looking right now.

In addition, we can put your company on the radar of candidates who might not otherwise have considered you.

Part of what we do is educate candidates on their best job prospects, and the fact is, your company may have exactly what many of them are looking for, without ever having heard of you.

By giving you access to our network and making you accessible to potential new hires, The Rialto Group gives you a competitive edge in the hiring market, one that is usually reserved for much larger outfits.


Reason #5: Our Partnership Can Help You Find Great Talent in the Future, Too

Finding a staffing agency that understands your needs and wants is important.

The Rialto Group takes the time to get to know your company style and culture as well as what you’re looking for in a specific candidate, and we can tap into that knowledge to satisfy your future hiring needs, as well.

That makes it easier for us to find the right candidate for you now, and to help with any hires you may need in the future.

And the whole process will be faster and more streamlined because we already know you, and we have already established that relationship.

We don’t forget what we’ve learned, and we never treat you like just a transaction.

That’s part of the value you get when you hire The Rialto Group to handle your finance and accounting staffing needs.


Reason #6: The Rialto Group Can Save You the Cost of a Bad Hire

Hiring the right person is what most companies focus on during the talent hunt, but have you considered the cost of a bad hire, as well?

The average cost of a poor hire is roughly $200,000, when you take into account the resources used during search, onboarding and training, salary and benefits, plus the cost of letting someone go.

Small companies simply can’t afford those kinds of mistakes, and partnering with a professional to help with the hiring process can save you all that lost time and money.

In fact, we at The Rialto Group are so confident in our ability to find you the right hire, we provide a 120-day guarantee on every hire we help you with.

That’s a full 30 days more than most staffing companies offer, and we do it because we want you to be sure you have found the right fit for your organization.

We stand fully behind our recommendations, and if for some reason someone doesn’t work out, we will find you another highly qualified candidate to replace them.


Need a Partner in the Search for Your Next Finance or Accounting Hire?

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