Your business processes are the foundation of everything your company does, whether you planned and optimized them carefully or they just evolved into what they are over time.


Every step in every business process, whether manual or automated, should work to achieve the concrete goals and objectives you’ve laid out for each part of your organization.


And every individual activity within your organization should be optimized to reach those goals.


So, ask yourself, do you have well-considered business processes in place, and are they working to achieve department objectives? If you think you do, have you revisited them lately to make sure they’re still as efficient as they can be?


And have you documented these business processes, so they are consistent, repeatable and easy to teach to newer team members? If you aren’t sure, you may be missing out on business process improvements that could help your business grow.


The Rialto Group has extensive expertise in business process development and design, and extensive experience creating workflows and process documentation to codify optimized practices.


Another way we help businesses improve their processes is by analyzing existing processes, optimizing them, and documenting them for the future.


Our team can come in and look at segment processes or sub-processes of your accounting and troubleshoot them individually.


This can be helpful if you’ve identified a specific problem or weakness somewhere that needs to be fixed.

We can help you implement continuous process improvement strategies that will keep your business agile and efficient going forward.

They start at the accounting/finance and accounting level and extend back to operations. Operational inefficiencies in other areas will usually spill into accounting, so Rialto will notice them there and then troubleshoot them back to the source. This allows us to remedy the problems with new, redesigned, or newly documented processes.


If there is bad data in expense reports, bad processes for the sales or IT teams, or for tracking expenses, you’ll start to see these inefficiencies at the accounting level. The Rialto Group specializes in tracking those inefficiencies back to where they began and designing the right processes to fix them.


Business process design really highlights that accounting is accounting for everything happening in other departments. The Rialto Group specializes in bridging the gaps between operational and finance and accounting/accounting depts.

We see a lot of businesses whose current processes work for them for the most part, but they don’t have any process documentation explaining how they do things.


They may need us to troubleshoot and redesign a few process areas for them, but they mainly need help figuring out and recording what their existing processes are first.


When employees know the processes, but they aren’t written down anywhere, it becomes a real problem when employees leave, and new people get hired.


No cross-training goes on, so people leave and knowledge is lost. Starting fresh every time is not the most efficient way to do things.


And different employees may do the same tasks differently, causing consistency issues and making process evaluation impossible.


With no documentation and no codified rules, there is no way to ensure the necessary continuity and efficiency, and no way to implement continuous process improvement practices either.


The Rialto Group can figure out what your business’ existing processes entail and record them formally through business process documentation.


That way, your departments will have manuals for each process and an easy way to convey this information perpetually.

Examples of processes The Rialto Group may help businesses optimize include the order to cash process, Payroll/Hiring/HR processes and recording processes at all levels.


We also help HR and IT departments, as well as accounting and finance and accounting-adjacent departments, establish thorough process documentation.

The Rialto Group works with lots of companies in the tech sector, including both hardware and software companies.


Manufacturing is another industry that routinely calls on The Rialto Group for business process consulting, as there are many opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies through better process design and a constant need for competitive improvement.


Whatever industry you’re in, The Rialto Group will provide you with tailored process solutions designed for your specific size, industry, and budget.

The benefit of having The Rialto Group at your service is that you won’t outgrow our roster of services.

We offer tremendous value for startups that may struggle with accounting, finance and accounting, capital raising, HR, or IT functions as they evolve because we have years of experience managing successful mid-size and larger operations.

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Helping you meet concrete objectives for both the near and long term. We can develop models and plans that help you grow your revenue, trim costs, increase production, expand operations, streamline finance and accounting functions or help you achieve other custom goals. The Rialto Group also specializes in Cash Management/AR Strategies and Technology Strategy and implementation.


Mitigating risk and staying on top of security is integral to any successful business strategy. The Rialto Group can create company-wide risk management programs, implement information security best practices and even lead financial departments, from payroll to recruiting and the rest of HR.


From budgeting and forecasting to smart financial models for your next several years of growth, The Rialto Group can help you visualize your company’s future. Our advisors can help you make strategic decisions on growing the business, set pricing to stay competitive, and assess valuations and asset and business acquisitions.


As your business grows and opportunities appear on the horizon, you may need to raise new capital or navigate a merger, sale or acquisition. What you also need is a trusted partner who can provide a clear view of risk, someone who can assess the fundamentals and advise you on all your options. The Rialto Group can be that partner and walk you through every step of the process.


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