When you hire The Rialto Group for outsourced CFO and controller services, you get years of public accounting and corporate experience and in-depth knowledge of how finance and accounting and operations interact. We provide you with the kind of professional insight, analysis and advisement that’s usually reserved for the largest businesses.


Our outsourced CFO team gives you all the benefits of in-house advisement at a much more affordable cost. On-demand advice. Budgeting and Forecasting. Cash Management. Strategic Planning. HR oversight. You get all the benefits of in-house CFO and controller services on a scale that fits your business.

Rialto will be there with you every step of the way, helping you in real time so you can make smart business decisions quickly.


When You Hire The Rialto Group, you get:

  • Growth-focused thinking
  • Expert understanding of how finance and accounting organizations should be set up and run
  • Help to implement the right technology
  • Years of experience in best practices and internal controls
  • The certainty that the day to day will be done right
  • Troubleshooting expertise–we’ll pinpoint problems and implement their solutions

If you’re concerned about operational inefficiencies or finding hidden weaknesses so you can make better business decisions and run things more smoothly, The Rialto Group can help you.

Maybe you’re a startup whose business has outgrown the simple bookkeeping and accounting phase, and you need to start planning and forecasting for the longer term.


If you’re about to go from 100 transactions to 1000 transactions a month, can you adequately scale up your financial operations? Do you have the tech? Is the right organizational structure in place? You may not even be entirely sure.


Or maybe you’re entering a new market, bringing on new investors, or dealing with a cash crunch you don’t quite understand.


This is where The Rialto Group comes in. We go above and beyond what you might expect from an outsourced CFO, getting your financial house fully in order and positioning you for healthy long-term growth.

We can help oversee your existing accounting team and identify and fix structural issues and flawed processes that may be holding you back. Our broad experience lets us see problems others might miss.


Is your accounting team big enough to handle the demands of new growth? Are your processes set up for high-level reporting and planning?


We can help you fill out your team and implement all the right processes and technology for scalability and growth.

Our high-level management expertise means we can handle:

  • Strategic planning
  • Budgeting for growth
  • Goal-focused forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Detailed analysis on performance and growth factors
  • Management reporting and advisement

We can also help you raise capital as your business expands and even help prepare you for all the eventualities of a merger or acquisition.


You’ll get the kind of advisement and oversight that’s right for your business and industry and have access to exactly the amount of help you need.


We can be a financial advisement partner and a full member of your management team – with none of the in-house CFO expense.

It takes time and effort you may not have to replace a departing CFO. We can step in and fill those duties until your company can hire a new permanent Chief Financial Officer.


Rialto can come on as interim CFO for as long as you need us, and we’ll make sure this important transition time runs smoothly for you, your investors and your customers.


Hiring a new CFO takes specialized knowledge, effort and time, as well. We can help you in your hunt and assist with the interviewing, negotiating and final hiring process.


Our team will also take the time to get your new CFO fully up to speed on everything about your business and stay on during the necessary transition. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

The benefit of having The Rialto Group at your service is that you won’t outgrow our roster of services.

We offer tremendous value for startups that may struggle with accounting, finance and accounting, capital raising, HR, or IT functions as they evolve because we have years of experience managing successful mid-size and larger operations.

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Accounting standards always seem to be changing. Whether it’s implementing ASC 606 – Revenue from Contracts, lease accounting changes, or anything else, we are here to help.

Learn more about our Complex Accounting services and how it can help your business.


Preparing for an external audit can be a cumbersome task. The Rialto Group can help coordinate the preparation of work papers for the auditors and save you valuable time.

Learn more about how we can help you with a third-party audit.


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