5 Tips on Choosing a Professional Staffing Agency for Your Finance Job Search

Whether you are actively looking or just considering a career move in or to Atlanta, you need to find the be proactive in your job search.

And one of the most important moves you can make is partnering with the right staffing agency for your search.

Selecting the Right Staffing Partner Can Mean the Difference Between Frustration and a Dream Job

Choosing the right agency can mean having access to a vast network of company contacts, and it can even mean you hear about jobs before they are ever listed.

This is especially important for talent in the finance and accounting industry.

You should seriously consider using a professional finance and accounting staffing agency with years of industry experience.

The Rialto Group is made up of finance and accounting industry professionals like yourself, so we know the industry, we know what support job-seekers need and we care about making only good connections and placements.

You simply cannot skip the important step of aligning yourself with a trusted and knowledgeable staffing partner like The Rialto Group.

Here are five tips for choosing a professional finance and accounting staffing agency.

1. Look for Industry Expertise

Recruiting agencies with broad staffing experience may be good for larger companies looking to fill a number of different jobs.

But for finance and accounting professionals looking for a new position, a too-broad of an agency isn’t likely to find the right fit or even understand what you are looking for.

You need someone who understands your qualifications and strengths in order to advocate for you and market your talent.

You also need an agency that knows the finance and accounting job market and knows what salaries and benefits are being offered for your skillset so they can properly represent your interests.

The Rialto Group only handles finance and accounting related staffing, so we know the industry, we know the jobs and we have a vast network ofcontacts across industries and within companies of various sizes.

Be sure to ask any staffing partner you are considering if they can say the same.


2. Make Sure They Work With Professionals at Your Level

Entry-level staffing specialists won’t do you any good if you are middle management or seeking a C-suite position.

Likewise, if you are lower on the totem pole and working with a staffing agency, you need to know that you will be a priority.

And make sure they place a lot of people in the type of work you are looking for, whether it’s contract-to-hire, permanent or just contract work.

Ideally, you should look for an agency with finance and accounting job placement expertise, and ideally for one with a good network of contacts within the finance and accounting industry.

That way, you will always have a knowledgeable ally who can let you know if an appropriate position is opening.

The Rialto Group works with finance and accounting professionals at all levels, and although we place many from middle management on up to C-suite positions, we never neglect our talent in accounting or those who may just be starting out.

Indeed, we pride ourselves on helping companies find talent to fill out every role in their finance and accounting operations.

That means we are always looking for the best finance and accounting talent at all levels, and we will represent your interests no matter what your salary level may be.


3. Ask About Their Network

Good questions to ask any potential staffing partner:

  • Do they know lots of people in your field?
  • Have they placed a lot of candidates in the job position you want?

A lot of companies talk a big game about their networks, but those contacts won’t do you any good if they aren’t in the right industry, if they don’t know the finance and accounting industry well or if those “networks” just mean they work for a lot of companies.

You want a staffing agency that understands the nuances of the finance and accounting function, one who knows how to place good candidates in the right jobs and find the right culture fit.

And you want to make sure any staffing company actually understands and handles placements for the finance and accounting or accounting job you actually do.

With that in mind, bigger isn’t usually better – what you need is a company with finance and accounting expertise and a tight network of trusted contacts in positions at different companies.

The Rialto Group has that because of our years in the industry as finance and accounting professionals ourselves.

We also have almost a decade of experience helping finance and accounting professionals find jobs and helping companies find the right finance and accounting professionals.


4. Ask How They Vet Companies They Work With

Some staffing agencies just match resumes to job listings and consider their duty done.

If you are looking for not just a job but a career move that makes sense, you need to know more than just “they’re hiring” before you walk in.

Find out how much a staffing company knows about the company, its culture and things like how much turnover they experience.

These details are important if you want to find the perfect fit.

At The Rialto Group, we take the time to learn about the companies we partner with, including what they’re like to work for, how long employees stay, and what they expect from each candidate.

That means you can feel confident that The Rialto Group will only steer you toward good opportunities, and we will look out for your interests at every turn.


5. Check What Kind of Resources They Offer Candidates for Their Job Search

Look for lots of support in your job search so you get the competitive advantage you need to land a career-defining position.

Do they do industry research to find out hiring trends and identify new areas of growth?

Are they staying on top of competitive salary rates, skill sets that are in high demand, and common negotiating tactics on both the hiring and job-seeking side?

What about resume support, interview preparation and ongoing professional development advice?

Ideally, you want a staffing partner who is more than just a broker – you want someone who maintains a network of relationships with both companies and the candidates they hire.

The Rialto Group is part of the finance and accounting professional community, so we take a special interest in being good citizens and helping others in our ranks.

That means we not only offer a range of professional resources for our finance and accounting talent seeking work, we also make you part of our trusted network.

So you can call on us as your career advances, and we can also call on you if we find new opportunities for your advancement in the future.

That’s the power of a real professional network.

A regular staffing agency simply cannot and will not offer you the kinds of resources and connections you need as a finance and accounting or accounting professional.

The Rialto Group can, and we make sure to support our finance and accounting talent pool in every way possible, even after we find you your next job.


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